The Messenger Chronicles: Flex-time Fiasco

The Messenger Chronicles: Flex-time Fiasco




The “Messenger Chronicles: Effective communication strategies for difficult conversations” presents a new framework for communication in difficult situations. This framework shifts focus away from managing “difficult” people towards an understanding of the process of difficult conversations and accepting responsibility for one's own performance. Given realistic situations and real-world conversations, learners will experience communication strategies and practical techniques in context.

The “Messenger Chronicles” is organized into a number of modules that simulate realistic conversations. Many of the conversations are split into three sections: Read, Think and Analyze. Learners will read a conversation and then will be asked to think about certain aspects of the conversation by answering questions or engaging in activities. Further information can be gained from an interactive analysis of the conversation.


  • List the four aspects of communication (content, context, conduct, and character) for which individuals are responsible.
  • Describe each step in the process of a difficult conversation.
  • Describe strategies for effective conversations.
  • Analyze conversations in terms of content, context, conduct, and character.
  • Become more aware of their individual communication performance and strive for higher levels of performance.

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