The Messenger Chronicles: Managing Stress and Time




The "Messenger Chronicles” online training series presents ideas for communication in difficult situations. The latest module, "Managing Stress and Time," helps learners to recognize the symptoms of stress and the factors that may increase their susceptibility to stress. Strategies to manage stress are offered in the scenario-based training. Learners are also given a framework for managing and prioritizing tasks to help minimize "stress-causing" situations. Job aids like the "Project Startup Tool" and the "Urgent/Important Matrix" are provided for learners' use.

Like the other modules in "The Messenger Chronicles," "Managing Stress and Time" features strategies and frameworks used in real-world situations that learners can apply to their own environments. Open-ended and multiple-choice questions give learners the opportunity to reflect on the course content and compare their thoughts to expert recommendations.


  • List four symptoms of stress.
  • Describe two ways people react to stress.
  • List some factors that affect a person’s vulnerability to stress.
  • List and describe four ways to manage stress.
  • Explain the "myth of multi-tasking."
  • Describe how the “Urgent/Important” matrix can be applied to your work.
  • List two reasons why a person may procrastinate.

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Employed by or in New York State?

If you are employed by NYS or a local health department in NYS, we recommend that you enroll for this course through the NYS Department of Health Learning Management System (DOH LMS).